Post Codes

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POST codes are generated when the computer runs it's self test and finds an error.

 The error or Post code can help  determine what the problem may be (especially when a PC won't boot)

01  CPU register test in progress
02 CMOS read/write failure
03 ROM BIOS checksum failure
04 Programmable interval timer failure
05 DMA initialization failure
06 DMA page register read/write failure
08 RAM refresh verification failure
09 First 64K RAM test in progress
0A First 64K RAM chip or data line failure multi-bit
0B First 64K RAM odd/even parity logic failure
0C Address line failure in first 64K RAM
0D Parity failure in first 64K RAM
10 Bit 0 first 64K RAM failure
11 Bit 1 first 64K RAM failure
12 Bit 2 first 64K RAM failure
13 Bit 3 first 64K RAM failure
14 Bit 4 first 64K RAM failure
15 Bit 5 first 64K RAM failure
16 Bit 6 first 64K RAM failure
17 Bit 7 first 64K RAM failure
18 Bit 8 first 64K RAM failure
19 Bit 9 first 64K RAM failure
1A Bit a(10) first 64K RAM failure
1B Bit B(11) first 64K RAM failure
1C Bit C(12) first 64K RAM failure
1D Bit D(13) first 64K RAM failure
1E Bit E(14) first 64K RAM failure
1F Bit F(15) first 64K RAM failure
20 Slave DMA register failure
21 Master DMA register failure
22 Master interrupt mask register failure
23 Slave interrupt mask register failure
25 Interrupt vector loading in progress
27 8042 keyboard controller test failure
28 CMOS power failure/checksum calculation in progress
29 CMOS configuration validation in progress
2B Screen memory test failure
2C Screen initialization failure
2D Screen retrace test failure
2E Search for video ROM in progress
30 Screen believed running with video ROM
31 Mono monitor believed operational
32 Color monitor (40 columns) believed operational
33 Color monitor (80 columns) believed operational
34 Timer tick interrupt in progress or failed (non-fatal)
35 Shutdown failure (non-fatal)
36 Gate A20 failure (non-fatal)
37 Unexpected interrupt in protected mode (non-fatal)
38 Memory high address line failure at 01000-0A000 (non-fatal)
39 Memory high address line failure at 100000-FFFFFF (non-fatal)
3A Timer chip counter 2 failed (non-fatal)
3B Time of day clock stopped
3C Serial port test
3D Parallel port test
41 System board select bad
42 Extended CMOS RAM bad

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