Playing around with the new Sprint/Samsung Instinct- initially the phone seemed pretty slick.  After a few days I started to realize all of the limitations and lack of configurability < sad face>  Lets do a bit of comparison vs my previous 3 year old phone, the Palm treo 750p





Instinct Pros

  • Great GPS
  • Great Voice recognition for dialing and navigation
  • Decent 2 megapix camera
  • Fast Web Access
  • Removable Micro SD memory
  • Landscape web browsing
  • Ships with extra battery
  • Sync contacts with online service

Instinct Cons

  • Can not receive calls when streaming TV or browsing the internet. WTF
  • Limited apps, no MSN messenger client, no skype etc.
  • No place to store stylus
  • Can’t customize themes or buttons
  • Streaming Tv is very choppy
  • Calendar is ‘not worthy’ will not sync with outlook
  • Desktop sync very primative and quirky

Treo Pros

  • Real qwerty keyboard
  • Removable SD memory
  • Indicator LED for status
  • Phone rings when surfing the web!
  • Thousands of applications
  • Timestamp text messages
  • Ability to record phone calls
  • Ability to take voice memos
  • Easy to customize
  • No need to turn display on to see if you missed a call, txt or have mail

Treo Cons

  • Limited power vision (sprint)
  • Lacks useable GPS
  • VGA camera Uhg
  • sometimes locks up
  • A bit bulky for no GPS

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