Instinct Fix

Although the phone lacks many mature features, by far the biggest issue for me is not receiving calls while using the browser or streaming TV. I didnt realize this fact until people started telling me my phone was going right to voice mail. I bought a phone with internet browsing, not a device that places incoming calls as a lesser priority. Ahh but wait, there is a way to fix it!

What you need:

  • Your MSL- Master Sibsidy Lock  (you can call sprint and ask for it)

Make it happen!

From the factory, the phone has the option of allowing incoming calls during data streaming, all we are going to do is enable it. Here is how-

Go to the dialer, then type in ##DEBUGMENU#

You will prompted for your MSL- enter it

After enter your MSL, you will be at the Debug Menu screen

The third option down is Toggle DDTM

Select it and enable it by select ON, press done.

Thats it!  Your phone should now ring when your browsing or streaming

BTW, don’t muck with the other settings especially if you don’t know what your doing :)

How to unlock the Samsung Instinct:

You will need a copy of Bitpim and CDMA workshop (great tool)

Finish this later when I have time...


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