Some intersting RUSH (the band) lyric facts are located below. Im not really big into music but Rush has always impressed me, 3 guys sound like 5! Neil has to be one of the best drummers I’ve seen live and I think the band as a whole, ranks up there with Tool and APC  :)

Most of the information was taken from a great RUSH fan site (http://www.nimitz.net/rush) Thanks to Randy for maintaining this!

  • The story told on 2112 closely parallels the themes and narrative of Anthem by Ayn Rand. Anthem (FBN) shares the title of the same novel.
  •  That's not what I meant at all from Open Secrets (HYF) is also a line in the poem The Lovesong of J. Alfred Prufrock by T.S. Eliot.
  •  The heart of a lonely hunter (Lock and Key- HYF) is the title of a work by Carson McCullers. Entre Nous (song, PeW) is a phrase used many times in the   novel _The Fountainhead_ by Ayn Rand.
  •  Bastille Day (song, COS) alludes to the events of the French Revolution, fictionalized in the novel A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens.
  •  Let us not go gently... (Red Tide- Presto) refers to the Dylan Thomas poem Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night.
  •  Hemispheres mentions the pantheon of Greek mythology and also reuses myths in ways similar to Friedrich Nietzsche in Birth of Tragedy.
  •  Rocinante (spaceship in Hemispheres and Cygnus X-1) is the horse of Zeus from Greek mythology, the horse of the title character in Don Quixote by Miguel Cervantes and the motorhome in Travels with Charley by John Steinbeck.
  •  We will pay the price but we will not count the cost (Bravado- RTB) is the line from John Barth's novel The Tidewater Tales that inspired the lyrics.
  •  Wilderness of mirrors (Double Agent- Counterparts) is a line from the poem Gerontion by T.S. Eliot.
  •  Xanadu (song, AFTK) is based on the poem Kubla Khan by Samuel Taylor Coleridge.
  •  Tom Sawyer (song, MP) is the name of a character and novel created by Mark Twain.
  •  Jacob's Ladder (song, PeW) alludes to the Old Testament story of Jacob and his vision of a heavenly ladder. Genesis 27:12.
  •  Rivendell (song, FBN) is the name of a safe haven in J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings fantasy series.
  •  All The World's A Stage (both the album and the line from Limelight, song on MP) are from William Shakespeare's play As You Like It.
  •  The Big Money (song, PoW) is the title of a novel by John Dos Passos. Grand Designs (song, PoW)is also the title of a novel by John Dos Passos.
  •  The Camera Eye (song, MP) the title of a section from the John Dos Passos USA series
  •  Losing It (song, Signals) refers to author Ernest Hemingway and two of his  novels The Sun Also Rises and For Whom the Bell Tolls. The image of the     ballerina was inspired by the movie The Turning Point starring  Shirley Maclaine.
  •  Cold Fire (song, Counterparts) is an image introduced by Tom Robbins in his novel The Jitterbug Perfume.
  •  The motif of women archetypes in Animate (song, Counterparts) is a motif explored by Tom Robbins in his novel Skinny Legs and All. Carl Jung also      talks about male and female animas in his writings. (Incidentally, Neil Peart is quoted praising Skinny Legs and All in the book's opening page testimonials.)
  •  Between Sun & Moon (song, Counterparts) was inspired by a Pye Dubois poem. Dubois' poem is reminiscent of the poem The Hollow Men by T.S. Eliot.
  •  Red Barchetta (song, MP) is reminiscent of the short story A Nice Morning Drive by Richard Foster.(The story is available on syrinx in the ftp/gopher/web  site.)
  •  Nothing to fear but fear itself (The Weapon, Signals) is a line from an inaugural address by Franklin D. Roosevelt.
  •  Thy will be done (The Weapon, Signals) is a line from The Lord's Prayer in the New Testament.
  •  Necromancer (song, COS) alludes to Tolkien's Lord of the Rings series.
  •  Panacea (song, COS) is the name of a mythological cure all.
  •  Lotus Land (Freewill- PeW) is a land described in The Odyssey by Homer.
  •  Absalom (Distant Early Warning- GUP) is a name from the Old Testament story of King David. Absalom, Absalom is the title of a novel by William Faulkner.
  •  Tai Shan (song, HYF) is the name of a mountain in China. In Chinese legend, Tai Shan is a holy mountain.
  •  Cinderella Man (song, AFTK) parallels the movie Mr. Deeds Goes to Town.|
  •  Twilight Zone (song, 2112) refers specifically to two episodes from the television show of the same name.
  •  If we burn our wings flying too close to the sun (Bravado- RTB) refers to the Icarus myth from Greek mythology.
  •  Rise from the ashes and blaze (Everyday Glory, Counterparts) refers to the mythological death and rebirth of the Phoenix.
  •  Sections titles of By-tor and the Snow Dog (song, FBN) include references to the underworld of Greek mythology.
  •  Another lost generation (Between the Wheels- GUP) is from a quote by Gertrude Stein used by Ernest Hemingway at the beginning of The Sun Also Rises.

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