While im not technically a prophet, lets see if I can make some predictions about the future for shits and grins. Lets keep it to within the next decade, so all of the following prophecies will take place prior to 2017. Keeping in line with other ‘seers’ I’ll avoid making specific detailed references and make them some what cryptic just like Nostrodomos.

  • Near the time of the winter solstice, a few years from now in the great states of democracy, the earth shall open up, rumble and wreak havoc upon one of the largest cities known for its economic and world trade dwellings. Towers of steel and glass shall rain down from the sky, trapping its great diverse citizens in a whirlwind of devastation and death. Human losses will rival those of the great plague and the great country will suffer its biggest natural disaster. The gateways into this empire will be devastated, preventing neighbors from reaching the injured.

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