To get PPTP working with pfSense

1) VPN -> PPTP -> Configuration (tab)
2) Select Enable PPTP Server
3) Server Address - "Enter the WAN IP"
4) Remote Address Range - Enter the IP range you want to assign to the tunnel
5) Check 128-bit encryption
6) VPN -> PPTP -> Users
7) Click "+" to add user
8) Fill in username and password. Leave IP blank
9) Firewall -> Rules -> PPTP VPN (tab)
10) Add a rule to allow all traffic to all

1) Settings -> General -> Network -> VPN
2) Add VPN Configuration
3) Select PPTP
4) Fill in generic Description
5) Enter the IP address of your WAN interface
6) Enter username that was created above
7) RSA SecurID : OFF
8) Enter password created above
9) Encryption Level: Auto
10) Send All Traffic: ON
11) Save
12) Turn ON VPN
13) Crack open a cool one and enjoy!


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