Qnap TS509 PRO.
This NAS box has it all, Bit Torrent, Web server, MySQL, Volume encryption, iSCSI and much much more!

Just a little background, I’ve been configuring RAID sets for over 14 years, thousands of sets, mixed RAID 10, 60, 5, etc so this isnt something new- that being said, lets see what happens using my so called expertise.


I threw all 5 identical 1tb drives into the QNAP and selected them all to be part of one huge raid set. RAID 5 is striping with parity, meaning you can lose one drive and still have your data but you lose the cpaacity of one drive (basically used for xor parity)

Keeping that in mind, 5 1TB drives (with overheard) should yield roughly 3.724 TB of usable storage, well as you can see from below, it had trouble doing the math! Showing a total size of 2746GB. 


Even more odd, I SSH’d into the box and checked what the OS knows about- it may be a bit hard to read but mdam shows an array size of 3.9 TB - all drives in working order, no faults.


When I get some time I’ll post the benchmarks but right now, I have to go back and delete, reconfigure my NAS, retail value $900 (no disks) I would have thought for that kind of money, this would be a hardware raid solution, as of right now it looks like a small footprint linux box with several ‘quirks’

As of right now, the Qnap TS509 gets 1 out of 5 Brad Bits!

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